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The team at Whiskydo is made up of individuals from different backgrounds, unified by whisky passion and Whiskydo mission. We want to shape a safe environment where people from the whisky world can promote their work and find the whisky experience they’re looking for.

We feel whisky is a precious thing and we want to value every drop of it. Our work revolves around passion driven by the following values.

KNOWLEDGE – We feel the need to delve deeper. We see what’s in the glass, we savour it, we drink it, but we want to know what’s behind. From the grain in the field to the work at the distillery, from the nectar sleeping in the warehouse to the bottle on the shelf, we want to make everything shine through.

SHARING – Whisky tastes better when shared. Drinking your favourite dram with your best friends adds excitement to the experience: you’ll discover nuances and subtle differences you would not notice on your own. Whisky makes people come together and enjoy life: in the end, that’s what it’s all about!

FUN – The variety, the places, the people: when you embark on your whisky journey you know you’re going to have fun! It’s the thrill of the search, the pleasure of the experience and the delight of the find. In one word, it’s whisky fun.