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New Italian whisky consultancy sets sail to whisky adventure

Federico Mazzieri e Marco Maltagliati, Dream Whisky

Federico Mazzieri and Marco Maltagliati come together to make their whisky dream come true: Whiskydo went and checked the work in progress.

Whisky making nowadays is, in many respects, a science. Yet no one really knows the ultimate truth about what’s going on in the stills to generate that particular flavour profile. We know that everything contributes to it… the shape of the stills, the speed of distillation, the grain… But the magic that draws all variables together remains a mystery.
Dream Whisky was born out of the belief that, when it comes to whisky drinking, it is the magic, not the science, that makes whisky extraordinary. That turns it from a simple product into a special dream.

Dream Whisky, sampling whisky


Dream Whisky is now bringing around Italy a series of tasting sessions aimed to introduce their distinctive approach to Italy’s malt enthusiasts.
Lesson n. 1: The Sense of Smell. Whiskydo went and checked first hand.
The tasting set was made up of two tiny bottles of Single Malt Scotch with no distillery reference. Marco and Federico said this is their gift to the drinker: an invitation to just sit back, relax and enjoy the malt with no worries about who made it, where, when… Just let the whisky speak for himself. We were all given time to nose the malts under the savvy guidance of Marco Maltagliati, assessing the aromas, sensing the nuances, sharing our thoughts and opinions about them. Everything was laid-back and just natural. Then the distilleries were disclosed and some whisky trivia was let in. The point here was to let our sensory experience unfold freely, no strings attached.

Dream Whisky, flavours of whisky

Dream Whisky believes fine malts are to be experienced, rather than analyzed. Marco and Federico both know whisky history is important, they know how distilleries always make the difference, as well as the warehouses’ location or the wood choices… They just want to let people approach this special product in an easy way, telling everybody they can love and appreciate whisky just if they try and taste it. No previous knowledge, no great expertise. Just the will to know more and experiment. The Sense of Taste and The Spirit are to follow: no doubt they will turn these tastings into magic experiences.


The Dream Whisky project wants to embrace the whole world of whisky experience and make it simple. For everyone.
Whisky travel is a big part of this: once the magic has been experienced in the glass, Dream Whisky offers custom-made trips to Scotland, where newcomers can deepen their knowledge of the product and live a whisky dream.

Federico Mazzieri e Marco Maltagliati, Scotland, Dream Whisky

Dream Whisky is now promoting a one week trip to Islay in September, where they will offer their customers private-tastings at local distilleries and food-pairing experiences right where the nectar is made. People will get a chance to enhance their experience of the product and maybe turn curiosity into passion: that’s what Dream Whisky dreams of…
Back in Italy the guys are also working as consultants for restaurants and clubs, helping suppliers to sell their products and supporting club owners in approaching the whisky world. They want to fill the knowledge gap that keeps people away from whisky and its magic.

The crowning of Dream Whisky mission will be their own bottling which are expected in September 2019: the choice of malts, the labelling and the marketing will be the living proof of their unconventional approach to scotch whisky.
While we wait for the Dream malt to be bottled, we’re going to keep an eye on the duo and let you know about their next moves.


Dream Whisky is made up by Marco Maltagliati and Federico Mazzieri, two individuals with different backgrounds sharing the same values about whisky and fine drinking.


A bartender by education, he became wine sommelier and ten years ago eventually tasted a Cool Ila 12, being hooked on whisky ever since. He started to taste and expand his knowledge of the whisky world, often travelling to Scotland (it’s his 15th time there this year…) in search of new products and good stories to bring back home in Milan. Here he worked with 1930, where he founded The Alchemy of Whisky, a 4 year long project about whisky tasting and whisky mixing. Today he is embarking on this Dream Whisky adventure: he is the creative part of the project and will be in charge of product research and selection.


He is the business mind behind Dream Whisky: 25 years old, a marketing degree and a master in Food and Wine management at the Sole 24 Ore Business School in Milan.
He is passionate about quality food and drink and wants to promote the culture and lifestyle that goes with it. He left his job in a big food company and started his own business with Marco, after they met at a cocktail bar in Milan. At Dream Whisky, he is in charge of the management and the marketing.

Take a look at Dream Whisky official website

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