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Exploring the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.

Happy Tours Inverness Glenfiddich distillery

Small and personal tours around the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Daily or private bespoke tours, catering for all kind of people, with the possibility of in-depth whisky exploration.
Adrienne from Happy Tours Inverness tells us something about it.

What is Happy Tours Inverness?

At Happy Tours we offer both daily tours with a maximum size of eight per vehicle, or private bespoke tours.
We cater for all types of people, if you have an interest in Scotland and the Highlands of Scotland then we are the ones for you. Our tours are for everyone, newcomers or enthusiasts alike.
A bespoke tour can be created to cater for in depth whisky lovers.

Happy tours Inverness
Enjoying a wee dram

The people at Happy Tours.

We are an Inverness based family tour company founded in 2007.
We started doing walking tours around the City of Inverness, then progressed to small bus tours around the Highlands.
Our guides are by far our best assets.They are all local, Scottish, fully trained and always wear a kilt. They are loyal to Happy Tours and very enthusiastic, loving to entertain our guests to Scotland.

What is your mission?

Our goals are to be THE BEST we can be while guiding people around the Highlands of Scotland.
Our value is that we are local people who LOVE what we do, living in the best place in the world, and we love to show this to guests in our 8 seater vehicles. The small group tour lets you get very personal with the guides.

Our passion is to show everyone the beauty, culture, history and taste of the Highlands of Scotland from the view of a local person.

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Take a look at Happy Tours Inverness website HERE!

If you’re planning a whisky trip, don’t go solo: relying on locals and expert guides will give you a chance to enhance your experience and get the most out of it.
Thanks to the guys at Happy Tours Inverness and the kindness and passion they put in their work, you will discover Scotland and its whiskies at their best. And bring back home some precious whisky knowledge!