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Walking tours around Glasgow and Edinburgh

A dram in Glasgow

In a hurry for knowledge? Once Upon A Whisky will make you see Scotland’s two biggest cities from… a whisky perspective! Camilo and Sam will guide you to the best whisky institutions in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Walking and sipping. We asked Camilo about it.

What is Once Upon a Whisky?

Once Upon a Whisky is a tour company specialized in walking tours through Glasgow and Edinburgh. With us, visitors have the opportunity to walk around each city while visiting some of the most important institutions for whisky enjoyment and appreciation. During the 2.5 hours tour, we visit a good variety of whisky bars, shops and distilleries.

In our tours, we try not to focus too much on the production process or how whisky is made since it is a very technical matter. However, we make emphasis on curious facts and quirky stories about the Scottish national drink.
We also show our customers how to appreciate whiskies from different regions and styles. During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to try a great variety of whiskies starting from the light and delicate Lowland style and finishing with a smoky and full-bodied Scotch from Islay in the west coast of country.

Once upon a whisky nosing whisky Edinburgh
Nosing whisky in Edinburgh

We also offer different tours for different budgets. Customers can choose our basic tour, where they will be able to taste and learn about 4 different whiskies from different regions. A more premium tour where they can try 5 different whiskies, two of them being very rare and unusual.
Furthermore, we also offer a luxury tour for people who really want to try and discover the very best whiskies Scotland has to offer. In this tour, we offer our customers super premium Single Malt Whiskies usually older than 18 years.

Whether if our customers are connoisseurs or newbies, our main goal is to pass on the passion of whisky and to make each one of them as passionate about the Scottish drink as much as we are.
Our objective is to educate, inform and entertain all our visitors through a storytelling experience in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We also offer tours for non-drinkers and private tours for groups.

The people at Once Upon a Whisky.

In Once Upon a Whisky, we are all driven by passion. So far, we are only 2 people working for the company.
Sam, which is the new ambassador in charge of the tours in Glasgow and myself, Cam, in charge of the tours in Edinburgh. We both have a great love for whisky and we absolutely love to pass on this passion to all our customers.

The company was founded 2 years ago in Glasgow, and so far we have seen how people really enjoy this kind of activities. The main idea of the project was to educate and inform people about the Scotch whisky industry. Visitors all over the world seem to enjoy this a lot and we have seen there’s a big interest to learn about the Scottish national drink in many countries worldwide. After all, coming to Scotland and not getting the best of its whisky it’s absolutely pointless… We believe.

Once upon a whisky at the pub Glasgow
At the pub in Glasgow

Also, the idea of developing walking tours across each city answers the need of some visitors that want to learn about whisky but not having much time to visit distilleries up north.
Although we love visiting distilleries all over Scotland, we understand that sometimes they are not easily accessible, since they are usually several hours away from Glasgow or Edinburgh, which means that someone would have to drive.
In our walking tours, people can enjoy a good variety of Scotch, compare different regions and learn about different brands without having to leave the city. It is a very convenient activity if you are looking to learn more about this fascinating industry without having to drive up north.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to connect people, cultures and whiskies from a different perspective. In our tours, we don’t focus on the production process or how the drink is made. They are based on a storytelling experience highlighting quirky facts and curious stories about whisky.
One of our most important goals is to educate and inform our customers about the enjoyment and appreciation of whisky.

All our tours are a master class full of information and interesting facts that any whisky drinker would love to learn. Our perception of scotch is more about its enjoyment rather than focus on technicalities about its production process. We want all our customers to have fun and discover fantastic whiskies, while exploring hidden bars in each city. Moreover, all these venues have been strategically chosen to enhance the experience of drinking whisky, while listening to their fascinating stories.

Once upon a Whisky whisky colour
Assessing whisky hues

Although we have more than two years running the tours, we have almost 10 years of experience working in the whisky industry. Our knowledge is legitimate and it is based on years of experience researching and studying the art of whisky-drinking.

Finally, we want to invite all the whisky enthusiasts out there to join one of our walking tours in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Let us show you this weird and wonderful world of whisky that, so far, has been unexplored by many.


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