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Born and bred in Scotland

Tartan Tours Scotland Auchentoshan
Visiting Auchentoshan

Tartan Tours Scotland knows Scotland like the back of their hands. From the country’s rich history to its whisky treasures, they will customize your experience and lead you through the trip of a lifetime. We asked Stewart from TTS to tell us something about it. If you want to know more about Tartan Tours Scotland and help you decide if it’s the tour operator

What is TartanToursScotland?

Tartan Tours Scotland is a private tour operator, delivering high end executive tours.
One of our most popular tours is Whisky and Wallace, where you get the chance to discover Scotland’s National Drink and National Hero all in one day.
Visiting two locations associated with Wallace and, of course, a whisky distillery as well, where you can see the processes and have a dram as well.
This is a great introduction to both whisky distilling and William Wallace.
All tours are Private Tours for 1-4 people: the tour includes collection at your Hotel with an expert guide for the day.

Tartan Tours Scotland

The people at TartanToursScotland.

We are a privately owned company.
All our people are born and bread in Scotland, and look at it as an honour to show our clients Scotland’s beauty, culture and heritage.

What is your mission?

Our mission is simply to create an experience that will live with our clients for a life time.
All delivered by Scots with a great passion for Scotland.

Want to book WHISKY and WALLACE TOUR?
Go to Whiskydo Whisky Tours!

Take a look at Tartan Tours Scotland website HERE!

If you’re planning a whisky trip, don’t go solo: relying on locals and expert guides will give you a chance to enhance your experience and get the most out of it.
Thanks to the guys at Tartan Tours Scotland and the kindness and passion they put in their work, you will discover Scotland and its whiskies at their best. And bring back home some precious whisky knowledge!