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The best personally tailored tours of Scotland

Dalwhinnie distillery Nicolson Tours
At Dalwhinnie distillery

If you’re in Edinburgh and thirsty of whisky knowledge, you should consider exploring some whisky country with Nicolson Tours

What is Nicolson Tours?

Nicolson Tours is an Edinburgh based Scottish tour company, who uniquely handcraft highly personalised, unforgettable, private whisky tour experiences to the very best Scotch whisky distilleries throughout Scotland and her islands. We ensure our whisky tours embrace Scotland’s traditional and contemporary spirit and showcase the very best that Scotland and her islands has to offer, all with our own warm hospitality.

We pride ourselves in paying great attention to detail, visiting the distilleries our guests wish to visit such as The Macallan Distillery, but also to introduce them to some specially selected distillery treats, e.g. Ballindaloch Distillery, in the Ballindaloch Castle grounds, which is one of the finest surviving examples of a Scottish baronial castles, or Edradour Distillery, which produces as much whisky in a year as the large distilleries produce in a week, while providing a fully immersive, relaxing and enriching experience.

We are about putting our guests first and foremost, we never ‘clock off’ but are always available, for peace of mind. You enjoy the whisky and we drive you safely to your destination. We are about being flexible, honest and open.

We offer a completely personalised, private service. From a 1 day distillery tour to as many days that our guests wish to tour Scotland. For example, if you wish to visit Isle of Skye and all her wonderful sights and attractions, then you must visit the islands 2 different distilleries. From the large and wonderful Talisker Distillery, with their lovely peated whisky to the new Torabhaig Distillery at the south of the island. Like its close island neighbour, Raasay Distillery, they have been in full production since 2017 but this cannot be called Scotch until 2020, and only after 3 years in oak barrels.

Talisker distillery Nicolson Tours
Tasting a dram at the distillery

We pride ourselves in introducing our guests to distilleries that they may never have heard of throughout Scotland’s five whisky producing regions, and visit those that still use traditional methods of distilling our greatest export, Scotch whisky.

We have example itineraries on our website, intended more as a source of inspiration and to get those travel juices flowing. Even after all that planning we are happy to detour, extend visits and go with our guest’s flow. It’s their vacation after all

Our guests are the discerning traveller and come from across the globe to taste our world renowned whisky, but they also wish to see Scotland in a more in-depth, relaxed and flexible manner, than they would ever experience if they were to take a set coach tour. We ensure that our guests get exactly what they expect. Our guests will enjoy great food, amazing scotch whisky, discover fascinating history and experience our unrivalled Scottish scenery. Their dream is to see the very best of Scotland and we deliver. We design our whisky tours to meet our guest’s dreams. Visiting the very best whisky distilleries in the world, ensuring they will leave with a part of Scotland in their heart.
We all had a first time. We have taken whisky enthusiasts and newcomers from around the globe on distillery tours and introduced them to uisge-beatha, the water of life.

Whilst we are highly knowledgeable, having organised whisky tastings for multinational audiences around the world, there is no whisky snobbery here at Nicolson Tours.

Although there are many levels to our spirit, from heavily peated to the lighter Speyside malts, we know there is a Scotch whisky for everyone to enjoy. If you have a sweet tooth, some distilleries are now pairing whisky with chocolate, which believe it or not is fantastic. 

With Nicolson Tours we will help you find your favourite distillery across Scotland’s 5 whisky regions which we know will leave you with the very best memories of Scotch Whisky.

The people at Nicolson Tours.

We are a small family run business, each of us with something special to offer.
Donald, your tour guide, is a self-proclaimed whisky enthusiast. His favourite whiskies are most definitely the island single malts such as Lagavulin, Talisker and Highland Park to name but a few but he is also a fan of Dalmore, Royal Lochnagar and Glengoyne distilleries.

Distillery bar Nicolson Tours
At the distillery bar

So, Donald does all the itinerary planning, with meticulous precision and is your tour guide. With his natural easy manner with people, sense of humour and deep, inbuilt Scottish desire to show off his country and will always be a fun host.

Anna. She is more behind the scenes, but no less important. She responds to enquiries, makes distillery reservations, arranges accommodation for guests should they wish to take advantage of this service, makes dinner reservations and any other admin. She also discovers all the great hidden gems, the wee coffee shops, galleries, restaurants, visitor attractions, where to get the best scones, fish and chips, ensuring that they are suitable for future guests. She also gets to meet guests occasionally which she loves.

Unashamedly English (Sassenach) Anna also loves whisky, she started off with Speyside Malts, as that was where they were living for 4 years, but now she definitely really enjoys the Islay’s too. She tasted a Talisker Distillers edition not long ago and that she thought was sublime.

What is your mission?

Our tour business organically grows through recommendation and excellent reviews. We are constantly visiting old and new whisky distilleries to ensure that they meet our guest’s high expectation before they visit.  Our unique approach has seen our business grow in a way that is manageable for us and allows us to continue to give an excellent experience and to continue our exceptional customer service, that is second to none and tours that are unbeatable in quality and value for money.

Enjoy whisky Nicolson Tours
Time to enjoy and relax on a Nicolson Whisky Tour

We provide the best experience possible for our guests and plan realistic, enjoyable and relaxing whisky tours. We remove all of the stress and hassle from your tour, to create the best whisky experience possible from start to finish. We now offer an accommodation booking service, pairing accommodation with the best whisky bars, at no extra cost as it can be quite difficult for guests to do that themselves. Whilst we have guests in our care, we never really ‘clock off’, we are always on hand should the need arise and just to be great hosts

We visit all the distilleries that we recommend, to ensure that they offer the best value for money and to ensure that their tours are truly informative and enjoyable. As true whisky enthusiasts we know the very best distilleries to visit and which ones will make your whisky tour with us the very best possible.  Johnnie Walker may be the most popular Scotch whisky in the world, but discover the different distilleries that go to make this very popular whisky blend.

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