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Custom whisky tours based on your whisky preferences

Your Scotland Tour, Dalwhinnie distillery

Your Scotland Tour offers a wide range of custom whisky tours all around Scotland. You will make the most of your time around the country, guided by people with specialist knowledge of the whisky industry.

What is Your Scotland Tour Ltd?

Your Scotland Tour offers a wide range of custom written tours covering all of Scotland. We have specialist knowledge of the whisky industry and can help you make the most of your time in Scotland. We run single day tours from Aberdeen and multiple day tours from anywhere in Scotland. Each tour is unique and includes the distilleries you most want to visit. Our maximum group size is normally 8 passengers but we can make arrangements for larger groups too.

Our ideal customer for a whisky tour is anyone who loves a dram! If you’re a new lover of whisky all the way to a seasoned expert, our guides can help you discover new and interesting expressions from distilleries you have and have not heard of.

Your Scotland Tour, Bruichladdich distillery
Exploring the whiskies of Islay

All of our tours are private and custom written, we can include making arrangements for your accommodation and can book your distillery tours as part of our service. Often our guides are available in the evening as well to walk you through additional drams in the bar after dinner. Our service is not cheap, but it is good value.

The people at Your Scotland Tours Ltd.

Our Managing director, Ross, has been a whisky lover all his adult life, from the first sip of Laphroaig he was hooked. Now he arranges whisky tours covering the whole of Scotland, we can do an ‘all regions’ tour over 7-8 days (minimum) or delve deep into a single region. Our guides are variously interested in whisky and we generally try to pair guides who can help our clients expand their knowledge and understanding of the product and industry.

Your Scotland Tour, Macallan distillery
The new Macallan distillery

What is your mission?

Our primary goal at Your Scotland Tour is to ensure our clients leave Scotland happy and with a new friend they’d like to return and meet again for another tour! We put our heart and soul into making sure your tour is fantastic, each group is typically 8 clients or fewer which means every person on the group has lots of time with their driver/guide.

Your Scotland Tour, Bowmore distillery
By the sea at Bowmore

We can help clients understand which tours at each distillery offer the best value or experience for their individual needs and of course, recommend the distilleries too!

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