Why you have to visit the Irish Whiskey Museum

Posted by Whiskydo | Dec 2019 | in Whisky Tourism
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Top 3 reasons to visit the Irish Whiskey Museum

Irish whiskey museum
Having fun at the museum

So you’re in Dublin and want to dig deep in whiskey history (while having a taste of it…). While there are countless possibilities in whiskey tasting and exploring in the irish capital city, the Irish Whiskey Museum is the perfect place to start…

These are the top 3 reasons to visit the Irish Whiskey Museum the team at Whiskydo has figured out for you!


With only 3€ extra you can upgrade your Classic tour (20€) and get a premium experience. You get all the benefits of the Classic tour (1hr fully guided + 3 whiskey tastings) plus a fourth aged whiskey (minimum 10 years) and a souvenir whiskey tasting glass to bring home with you! All for 23€ only: a real bargain compared to the prices of whiskeys served in bars around town.

The guides are real whiskey lovers and transmit the passion for the irish nectar! Their storytelling is immersive, fun and precise at the same time. You will leave with a basic but solid knowledge of Ireland and its whiskey and wanting to know more!
Other tours on offer include the Whiskey blending experience (1hr fully guided + 4 whiskey tastings + learn to blend whiskey and bring home a miniature bottle) for 30€ and the Whiskey and brunch experience (the Classic tour followed by a brunch of Irish smoked salmon, bread and marmalade) for 28€.


The McDonnell’s Café & Whiskey Bar is a real treat! You can relax and have some more whiskey just after the tour or before you start. The drinks menu offers quite a lot of diversity. You can choose from a list of classic cocktails or go for the whiskey flights. With these tasting trays of Irish whiskey you can almost set out on a sensory trip around the whole country. The offer is huge and prices are fair: 45€ is the top price for a flight of four aged whiskeys (21 or 22 years old). Or you can reach a low of 15€, but still you get some excellent younger expressions. There’s enough to sit down and sip a drink or two, while you enjoy the view on central Dublin (it’s just in front of the main gates of Trinity College).


If you’re new to the whiskey world, this is the right place to start! We know whiskey and its so called experts can be quite off putting at times, but don’t let them put you off. You’ve just met the wrong people and we’re here to tell you whiskey is about fun and desire to learn. This is right what the guides and the people at the Irish whiskey museum are all about: whiskey knowledge for everyone! You’ll learn about Irish history and the making of whiskey in a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll taste your samples and be inspired by the passion of your guide. Of course you will be free to tell what you like and what you don’t like. And you will leave with an urge to hunt for more!


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