The dream come true: Dream Whisky and its first selections

Posted by Whiskydo | Mar 2020 | in News
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It’s been almost a year since Whiskydo started following Federico and Marco in their new adventure… and things are starting to get more exciting than ever. With loads of projects going on and an ever growing urge to innovate and impress, Dream whisky is definitely one to keep your eye on. Their new single cask bottlings are available on! If you want to take a taste of the dream..

Federico Mazzieri, Marco Maltagliati
Federico Mazzieri and Marco Maltagliati (photo credit: Federico Lindner)


For those of you who don’t know Dream whisky yet, we’re going to spend a few words introducing them.
Dream whisky is a new groundbreaking whisky initiative born out of two italian restless minds.
Since last year, Marco Maltagliati and Federico Mazzieri are bringing their project around Italy and the world.
Dream whisky is not a simple whisky consultancy: it’s a new way to live and taste quality whisky.
They’re tailoring whisky experiences for the curious drinker, while educating restaurant and bar professionals to the joys of the nectar of Scotland.
We already talked about them here. Take a look to get an idea!


What has come to our attention (and taste buds) lately, is their new venture in whisky selection and bottling. It’s something that they had in mind straight from the start and they’ve been working on since the first days.
Now it’s a surprising reality.
Dream whisky N.1 e N.2 bottlings are now on the market and have already met enthusiasts’ favor.
Federico and Marco have traveled around Scotland to find those casks perfectly matching their idea of harmony and uniqueness of taste. Once they’ve found what they were looking for, they put it in the bottle.
This is their way of communicating the love and passion for Scotland and whisky to the discerning public.
Forget the perception of whisky as an exclusive drink: whisky is for all those interested in good taste and quality products. Provided they’re humble enough and eager to learn when confronted with the complexities of scotch.



Dream N.1 is an elegant and classy scotch, with hints of peat and fresh grass over a flowery backdrop. It’s an Ardmore Single Malt taken from a single cask and adjusted to an adequate strength.
But the point here is not the distillery: its name is disclosed only on the back of the bottle, to give credit to the tradition and expertise that made such a whisky possible. The front label is all about the dream: hand drawn, it displays flowers, plants and animals evoking the sensory experience and the distillery itself.

Ardmore SIngle Cask N.1 Dream whisky
Dream N.1 Ardmore Single Cask (photo credit: Federico Lindner)

This 10 yo whisky has been aged in an ex-bourbon cask already used for Laphroaig, giving the peat an extra layer of complexity.
We met Dream whisky at Milan whisky festival and were stunned by their malts and the way they present them. Easy going, never boring, always intriguing, they leave the stage to the whisky. And people feel free to just drink and enjoy. They’re not introduced to excellence, they meet it themselves through careful product selection.
This is the guys’ job: to find secret pearls in remote scottish corners and bring them to our glasses. And let the whisky speak for himself.


Dream N.2 is a powerful and original whisky, aged for 6 years in an ex-bourbon cask and finished with a last year of Madeira cask maturation.
Red berries, sea breeze and flower hints build upon strong peat.
Here again balance is the key. The complexity never yields to a particular aroma. The interplay is flawless and memorable.
A special single cask malt crafted by Caol Ila, as revealed on the back label.

Caol Ila Single Cask N.2 Dream whisky
Dream N.2 Caol Ila Single Cask (photo credit: Federico Lindner)


And they tell us N. 3 is on its way and will be available very soon! We should expect great things from this third sibling and regard it as a bridge between N.1 and N.2.
There’s mystery around it and we’re looking forward to tasting it and share our views about it with Dream whisky and the rest of the world.


As we publish this piece, Dream whisky just opened its online shop, where you can purchase all their latest finds. Just visit their website and get your bottle today! Or ask for more information at


While we’re writing Marco and Federico are traveling around Scotland (again) with a group of lucky enthusiasts’, living the dream right where it starts.
Traveling is a big part of their mission. It keeps their passion alive and evolving, meeting the people and traditions behind each product.
You can feel their enthusiasm when they talk about bringing their friends and customers to Scotland, sharing their latest discoveries with them.
Dream whisky is a sensory experience: drinking whisky right where it was crafted, on a beach, sitting on a rock, at the edge of a forest… just outside the distillery.

Scottish highlands (photo credit: Federico Lindner)

Each of their travels is a unique adventure, built around the customer and always in different places around Scotland: it’s not a standard product, it’s an exclusive experience.
They take no more than 2 or 3 trips each year. This provides extra time for planning and attention to details, making each trip something truly memorable.
The goal here is to share special moments together, visit amazing places and meet like minded people, while savoring the joys of fine malts.
And in the end, these scottish expeditions are the best way for Federico and Marco to look around, keep their passion alive and lay the foundations of their next great discovery.
Like whisky bloodhounds, they sniff the air around mountains and moorlands, burns and sea shores, to find the next hidden gem: might it be N.4?


If you want to see the dream for yourself, you can order whisky N.1 e N.2 here.
And keep your eye on N. 3 coming out!
To get updates and further informations about Dream Whisky, feel free to write to