whiskydo.com is an online platform entirely devoted to the world of whisky events: a meeting place for event organisers and whisky enthusiasts in search of a quality whisky experience.

Who is it for? + -

Whether you’re a whisky event organiser or a whisky enthusiast in search of whisky fun, Whiskydo has something for you!

I’m a whisky event organiser, what can WHISKYDO do for me? + -

Whiskydo is an international showcase for your whisky events and it provides a dedicated service for your payment and ticketing needs:

  • You get your own free account
  • You upload your event
  • Your event is showcased among others and can be searched using specific whisky related filters
  • If you need it, you can use our online booking and ticketing service:
    – Whisky enthusiasts book your whisky event
    – You get paid through Whiskydo
    – Whiskydo will automatically send your tickets to your customers
What kind of events can I publish? + -

Every kind of whisky event can be uploaded on whiskydo.com:

Whisky tastings & masterclasses: if you’re setting up your own whisky tasting or masterclass, Whiskydo will give you a chance to build up or increase your customer base; you can focus on the whisky, while Whiskydo takes care of your communication and ticketing needs.

Whisky festivals: whether your whisky festival is a newcomer on the scene or a well established event, Whiskydo will support your growth through SEO (search engine optimisation) and content management. That is, your festival will be much easier to find.

Distillery events: if you’re planning an event at the distillery, Whiskydo is the right place for you. You’ll have the chance to easily target a whisky enthusiast audience and communicate your distillery events.

Whisky clubs: whisky dinners, club meetings and public events can all find their place on Whiskydo; it will be easier for you to manage your planning needs and you’ll get a chance to reach a larger whisky related audience and gain new members.

Whisky bars and restaurants: if you’re hosting a whisky event, Whiskydo will work as your online public relation manager. Anyone interested in whisky related events in your area, can easily know what you’re doing and buy your tickets with a single click.


I’m a whisky enthusiast, what can WHISKYDO do for me? + -

Whiskydo is an online platform dedicated to your personal whisky journey:

  • You get your own free account
  • You search for a whisky event using whisky related specific filters or an event map
  • You buy your ticket with a single click
  • You automatically receive your ticket through email
What kind of events can I attend? + -

Tastings, masterclasses, distillery events and whisky festivals will all be displayed on Whiskydo. Whatever your whisky needs, Whiskydo will have something for you.
If you’re a newcomer to the whisky world, Whiskydo will lead you on your way to whisky knowledge; if you already know what you’re looking for, there’s no easier way to find it.

Pricing + -


You can create your account and publish all your events with no charge. If you choose to use Whiskydo booking and ticketing service “WHISKY EVENT“, you will be charged a fee of 2,5% + 0,34 € on each transaction for Europe, Oceania and Asia; 1,7% + 0,60 $ on each transaction for USA. If you choose to use Whiskydo booking and ticketing service “WHISKY FESTIVAL“, you will be charged a fee of 3,2% + 0,60 € on each transaction for Europe, Oceania and Asia; 3% + 0,90$ on each transaction for USA.

Your Payments will be processed by Stripe (Terms and Conditions).

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